Jacksonville FL Real Estate Update: June 2009

Video Press Release: PowerListing for Jacksonville, Florida Real Estate

As many of you know, we have been preparing to launch our new PowerListing(TM) Program for the past few months.  Well, we are delighted to announce that the first phase of our new program is now in action! 

The Video Press Release (below) introduces home sellers in the Jacksonville, Florida Real Estate Market to this powerful new program.

This is just the first phase or our PowerListing(TM) Program which is designed to position individual listings with a Flash website, crafted to draw in potential buyers using sight, sound and movement.  And, unlike most Flash sites that are not SEO-friendly, our PowerListing(TM) sites are designed so that google can see and read them for maximum SEO potential.  Also, we utilize Google Analytics as with all of our websites to track the effectiveness of the marketing.

Click HERE for a sample of one of these PowerListing(TM) websites.

The next PowerListing(TM) phase (already in testing mode) will enable buyers to obtain all information about the listing, including photos,  audio tour and video tour, via their iPhone® or Blackberry® type device directly while sitting in their car at CURBSIDE. 

If the buyer only has a regular cell phone he will still be able to retrieve an AUDIO TOUR of the home right from the curb.

Our goal is to bring Jacksonville Real Estate Marketing methods into the 21st Century... the market has changed and we're changing marketing methods to match it!



Tim FennellTim Fennell is a Florida licensed Real Estate Broker with The Legends of Real Estate, REALTORS® in Jacksonville, Florida.

His strong background in business development, real estate investments, counseling and marketing greatly enhance his skills as a Listing and Internet Marketing Specialist. 

Tim and his wife, Susan, have over 30 years experience in Jacksonville Real Estate sales, marketing and investing. Both are Accredited Consultants in Real Estate (ACRE®). When you're ready to be consulted with, rather than sold to, give Tim and Susan Fennell a call.

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