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Jacksonville - Top 10 For 8 Years Straight

Jacksonville is consistently rated as one of the top "Hottest Cities in America" for business expansions and relocations by site consultants in an annual poll for Expansion Management Magazine. In fact, Jacksonville has been in the top 10 for eight straight years and is the only city to be ranked #1 three times.

In a previous article we discussed how affordable housing is in Jacksonville compared to other top destination cities. But it's not just about the money -- it's the lifestyle!

First, water. Almost everyone wants to live on or near water. You might say that waterfront property acquisition is one of the few investments that can be described as a true no-brainer. After all, they just ain't making any more of it. And Jacksonville has been blessed with an abundance of it from the uncrowded miles of white-sand beaches to the Intracoastal Waterway, to the mighty St. Johns River... you just can't drive far in the Greater Jacksonville Area without running into or crossing over a body of water.

Second, we have miles and miles of natural beauty. It's everywhere. Traveling north on A1A from Mayport at sunset, gaze across the vast golden marshes. Let your mind drift away as you explore the Black Creek/Ravines Conservation. Head over to the Jax Beach Pier and scan the horizon for a pod of Northern right whales, schools of manta rays or dozens of dolphins playfully skimming the waves. Plus, the Jacksonville skyline is one of the most beautiful in the Southeast. It is best viewed from one of the River Taxis that routinely run between the south and north banks of the river downtown.

And third, livability. The Jacksonville area boasts most of the same cultural and recreational perks found in the 'better known' Florida cities such as Palm Beach, Naples or Sarasota. But we have something they don't - Jacksonville is on a prestigious list of the Top 5 most livable large cities in America.

So, what are you waiting for, come on down (up or over) and let us show you why we're so excited about selling real estate in Jacksonville, Florida! We'll find you the perfect home or vacation home. Call us today!



Tim FennellTim Fennell is a Florida licensed Real Estate Broker with The Legends of Real Estate, REALTORS® in Jacksonville, Florida.

His strong background in business development, real estate investments, counseling and marketing greatly enhance his skills as a Listing and Internet Marketing Specialist. 

Tim and his wife, Susan, have over 30 years experience in Jacksonville Real Estate sales, marketing and investing. Both are Accredited Consultants in Real Estate (ACRE®). When you're ready to be consulted with, rather than sold to, give Tim and Susan Fennell a call.

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Jacksonville - Top 10 For 8 Years Straight
Jacksonville is consistently rated as one of the top "Hottest Cities in America" for business expansions and relocations by site consultants in an annual poll for Expansion Management Magazine. In fact, Jacksonville has been in the top 10… more
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